Infinite Abundance - Infinite Abundance

Ever feel that things are not happening the way you want?

That you are not in flow ...

You know this isn’t the way your life and business is supposed to be. You are here to make a difference and to experience great success without it being such a struggle.

Of course, not everyone wants to live this way. There are many people who are committed to their core belief that life is hard. These are the people who hear ideas like this and can only find cynicism not possibility.

But not you.

You know there is something bigger and brighter in store for your future. You are here to live freely and in abundance with all of life. The only problem is ...

Right now, you are living in fear.

As much as you'd like it to be different, you know this to be true. Deep inside you're worried about not having enough money and not being able to get out of the situation you are in. In fact, no matter how much you have or don't have you end up feeling scared a lot of the time.

You lie awake trying to come up with solutions. You wonder if your friends and family are right, maybe it's time to get a real job. Maybe it is time to give up your dreams.

I want you to know that it doesn't have to be that way. Instead imagine if...

When you look at your bank accounts, you feel peace and contentment. When things don't go as planned you no longer worry about losing everything. Or, even better, imagine what it would feel like to be totally confident about your ability to live in abundance no matter what was happening in your life.

It all comes down to letting go of the feelings that have been holding you hostage and accessing your child-like feelings of awe, beauty, creativity and connection. Accessing the parts that have been trapped inside for so long you can barely remember they are a part of you.

Once you make the commitment to change your course of direction what seems far out of reach begins to materialize. It is that simple. All you need is a process that guides you down a new path so you can go where you want to go.

Infinite Abundance is created to help you do just that ...

As part of the Infinite Abundance Mindfulness Challenge, over a 28 day period you will learn new meditation practices that allow you to:

Awaken Your Awareness — Most of us are trapped in seeing the world through foggy lenses. As a result we are not living with clear vision about the truth of our existence. Until we learn how to drop the heavy baggage we are carrying in our physical, emotional and ethereal bodies, we are too loaded up with pain to witness the present moment for all that it is. When you have a process to let this weight go, your awareness becomes your partner in the journey.

Emotional Clearing — By dropping resistance, you gain the ability to feel things at a new level of being. Contrary to our customary approach of avoiding our feelings, feeling is actually where all emotional healing begins. This allows you to clear the path for new awakenings about yourself and the world around you that empower you to release even more.

Integrate and Expand — At this stage you are accepting yourself and your feelings more than ever before. Stress is relieved and your sensitivity has increased. Now you are ready to learn how to expand your ability to give and receive beyond limitation.

Create Your Vision — By going through this process you’ve learned how to become the conscious creator of the life you really want to be living — now you can put what you have learned into practice through the creation of a clear and actionable plan to bring into reality in your daily life.

As part of Infinite Abundance you'll learn how to master the process of using the 7 major chakras to recognize feelings within yourself that help you clear your mental, physical and emotional blocks more easily. Tapping into these energy centers provides insight for where you are stuck and what needs to shifted so you can be in harmonious flow with all of life.

Here’s what you get by participating…

#1. 28 daily meditation challenges sent via email that will inspire you to break free of fear, scarcity and limitation so you can create limitless potential in your life and business.

#2. Ongoing access to 3 - 70 minute courses that introduce the core meditation practices, Infinite Abundance program workbook, 30+ guided meditations and recordings of all past LIVE coaching sessions.

#3. Invitations to all of Leisa’s LIVE Infinite Abundance sessions — these will continue throughout the year so you can ask questions to Leisa and engage with the program members in live video calls.

#4. Instant entrance to a like-minded group of entrepreneurs from around the world through Facebook who share your desire for finding joy, peace and abundance in all that you do.

There is nothing else like Infinite Abundance in the world and it is brought to you by an experienced empathic intuitive, meditation teacher and financial expert who has spent 17 years focused on breaking free of scarcity and creating abundance in her own life. To learn more about Leisa Peterson CLICK HERE. Who else would be better to guide you down this path?

Infinite Abundance

Unleash Your Divine Potential
28 Daily Mindfulness Practices to Expand Confidence, Prosperity and Flow

Program Investment is $97.00 (One Time Charge Only)

When you say yes to this invitation, you begin right away — the first welcome email will be in your inbox today and you'll start the daily meditations tomorrow. This process is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before and it really works!


-: Certificate of Guarantee :-

As someone who truly believes in this breakthrough process I don’t want you to fully decide to today. I want you to take the next 14 days to allow the Infinite Abundance process to prove itself to you. I know your life can drastically change once you experience the power of Infinite Abundance. But if for any reason at all you feel like it doesn’t live up to your expectations simply send me an email at and I’ll issue you a full refund…no questions asked. Go ahead and click the “Get Started Now” button below and let me prove to you how powerful and different this really is.

Leisa Peterson

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What People Are Saying About Leisa Peterson's Infinite Abundance:

Being a part of Leisa’s Infinite Abundance tribe has been a true gift to my continuing abundant expansion. Besides the support and connection with other tribe members, which lets you know ’you’re not the only one’, the powerful meditations have been the only guided meditations that I’ve been been able to be consistent with — for two months now! Leisa’s Infinite Abundance teachings offer a completely new way to challenge your money blocks without the icky feeling and will deeply resonate with those who are connected to their heart centre. I’ve lost count of how many breakthroughs (big and small) I’ve had sense using Leisa’s techniques.

Theresa Fowler,
Self-Love Mentor | Author of forthcoming self-love revolution manual, Breakdowns To Breakthroughs: The 7 Secrets That Keep You From Loving Yourself

Working with Leisa Peterson and her Infinite Abundance group has been great. The IA group is a supportive group of professionals, sharing ideas and solutions regarding business issues with a spiritual twist. Tapping into spiritual law and using Leisa’s techniques have been the missing link for me in working with my businesses. Since practicing Leisa’s techniques, work is easier, more productive, and more rewarding. The IA group is a no pressure, safe place to support and, be supported by, business professionals with similar goals, struggles, and experiences. What I really like about the IA group is that it is not too spiritual, but is primarily business based. You don’t have to be overly spiritual to benefit from the group, just open minded. What’s more is that it is extremely affordable. Thank you, Leisa!

~ PN, Colorado

The benefit of joining Leisa meditation challenge quickly resulted in the outcome that I had hoped. Half way into our 28 day challenge I had gained some clarity of where I was holding onto past negative believes and energy in my chakras. With Leisas mediation and thoughtful questions I was able to release and let go of both the beliefs and the negative energy I was holding in my body. The result was within just a few days I received new clients and unexpected speaking opportunities.

~Svava Brooks,
Darkness to Light Stewards of children

I’m extremely thankful that I gifted myself with this program! Leisa has really done some amazing work here! Using mediation to challenge my long standing thought patterns and money beliefs was just the ticket to help me move into abundant thinking, dreaming bigger, and taking back my power!

Luwana C. Masteller, Owner, VastArray®
Advertising Design | Marketing Consulting

If you’re still reading this, you’re probably feeling that buzz of excitement building inside you, knowing that this program could be the big shift you’re looking for.

Your dreams are totally within your reach and there is no better time to take action than right now. When you say yes to this invitation, you begin right away with the first email sent out immediately.

Remember you have nothing to lose except the opportunity create more confidence, joy and freedom in your life because if you are not 100 percent satisfied with the program, I'll buy it back from you within the next 14 days…no questions asked.

For the next 4 weeks you’ll have the opportunity to do some deep inner work to not only get clear on what you really, actually, truly want but also expand into receiving beyond your wildest imaginations.

If you have any questions, write to me at — I am happy to answer your questions.

Here’s to an incredible year and a life filled with abundance! 

Leisa Peterson